Stop Car Theft and Kidnapping...


Personal Vehicle Security:

Our Personal Vehicle Security comes with state of the art technology aimed at protecting your vehicle from theft and more importantly giving you the peace of mind needed to feel safe while driving.

GaviTrak GPS' 3 in 1 package for the average consumer offers immense savings ideal to suit any budget!

  • 3 point safety alarm
  • Automatically send SMS to phone during theft
  • Arm/ Disarm via transmitter (close range) or mobile remotely
  • Provides door status, Engine status, Long & Lat, Speed and Direction
  • Mute-arming function (no sounds sends SMS)
  • Immmobilise Vehicle using cell-phone
  • Anti-robbery switches included
  • Monitor teenage drivers with speed alerts and Geo-Fencing
  • Users can locate vehicle based on GPS or through GSM network
  • Monitor the voice around the car via telephone
  • Central lock automation
  • Backup battery
  • One year warranty on all products






 GPS + Installation + SIM  $2,999
 GSM Monitoring System  FREE
 3 Point Alarm System  FREE




Review our Monitoring and Recovery costs here!